What Is Codebase Analytics?

In a sense, the name says it all.  But then again, the name is admittedly a bit vague.  So what really is codebase analytics?

Our mission and our company are both about bringing empiricism to source code.

  • Should you write unit tests or not?
  • Which design patterns are best?
  • Should you embrace functional programming?
  • Is your code well-written?

The list of questions goes on and on, and people in IT debate these things endlessly and, all too often, fruitlessly.  Usually this comes down to deferring to the person with the most impressive resume or speaker history.  Or, worse, you just defer to whoever is loudest.

We want to change this through the scientific method with our tooling.  In the broadest strokes, here’s how it works.

  • Our software scans thousands of codebases and stores statistics about that code as data.
  • We use this data to run experiments, do research, and weigh in on software development matters.
  • We then take our results and use them to improve our reporting engine.
  • And, finally, we furnish tooling to you that lets you gather valuable data about your own codebase and to see how you measure up against thousands of other codebases.

Does that sounds promising to you?  If so, stay tuned!

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