Our services

Mitigate the Risks & Costs Inherent in Code Ownership

There is more to code than “it works!” Code can be risky, and two codebases providing the exact same user experience can have dramatically different maintenance costs and flexibility. We identify problems and can help you install automated architecture controls to keep your code clean.

Acquire Code with Confidence


You’re excited to acquire a new company with its codebase and book of business. But is their application all it’s cracked up to be? Will it need to be rewritten in two years, or is it designed for ten years of easy maintenance? Let us answer the question for you.

A Window into the Unknown

Tech debt adds up quickly, so let us show it to you before your users do. With our analysis in hand, you can see where your pitfalls will be. And with our help implementing automated analysis tools into your build integration, you can prevent future tech debt build-up. Find peace of mind and avoid those tense few hours or days while you await the dreaded list of escaped defects from your latest update.

Board of Directors Due Diligence

As a board member of a company, you are often tasked with the stewardship of the company’s strategic direction. For a company that owns software, this means asking probing questions and holding the IT group accountable – which can be challenging when all of your information comes through them. We provide boards with an independent, fact-based, and actionable assessment of their application portfolios.

Curb Budget Overruns, Slipped Deadlines, and Escaped Defects

Too often, anecdotal explanations are all you have to rely on when trying to pinpoint the cause of exceeded budgets, routinely-missed deadlines and post-release bugs. Through our empirical analysis we identify the inherent architectural deficiencies and process gaps leading to mounting cost and making it impossible to release an update on time and bug-free.  We provide you with a white paper detailing evidence of our findings and the solutions needed.  We are experts in translating our findings into intelligible business terms.

Make a Business Case For Needed Organizational or Process Changes

Have you been looking to implement a change in your development process, such as automated unit testing or a particular framework? Having trouble getting buy-in from the key stakeholders? Let us help, using our candid, easy-to-understand presentations backed by an irrefutable empirical approach.

If you’ve already made changes, we can compare the current code to past code and verify whether or not the changes have been universally adopted and successful.

Don’t Just Hire the Best, Hire the Best for Your Company

Your interview process tests developers for their programming skills in a vacuum. But wouldn’t you like to know if their styles will mesh with those of the developers you already have? Let us analyze their code and yours to determine fit.

Looking for a new API or 3rd Party Library?

Testing out new APIs and libraries can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. We can analyze those codes along with yours, flagging potential problems in advance to ensure a smooth transition.